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   Raise the Barre Dance Center​

Why Us?

Our students come for the dance classes and stay for the community.

We provide a nurturing environment for our students that fosters friendship,

develops character, and builds confidence. 

Twinkle Star Program

Our Twinkle Star Dance Program is specifically designed for our youngest dancers ages 2 and older. Our nurturing staff provides a safe and fun environment for students to learn and progress while making friends. 

Primary Dance Program

Our primary dance program provides lessons to students in an array of styles for all ages and ability levels. Many of our popular classes are offered back to back for convenience. We do offer a variety of adult only classes in the evening. 

Dance Teams

Our dance teams are not just about competition, but are also engaged in community service through performances and mentoring. These dancers set the highest standards for good sportsmanship through friendly competitions. 

Acro and Tumbling Program

Our Acro and Tumbling classes are fun and challenging classes designed to develop strength and flexibility in dancers while progressing their level of acrobatic skills. Emphasis is placed on proper technique and safety.